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Joondalup is a beautiful suburb to live, work and entertain. Joondalup City is just a short drive to the ocean but if you have your own pool, there is no need to leave your own home. You can enjoy your own space all year round and 1 Pool Care is here to help you enjoy that perfect lifestyle.

A clean pool is more than just a vacuum of the pool floor, as the pool equipment and water quality is an essential check before you jump in. So what is the best solution for me?

Most pool owners understand that a pool requires ongoing maintenance to protect you and your equipment from damage and rapid deterioration. 1 Pool Care offer a regular service to ensure you stay on the best possible course and when things go wrong that you are offered the best professional advice, to get you back in the pool and swimming again.

We primarily specialise in mobile pool maintenance and service but we also have the latest products on offer online. View our extensive range of pool supplies today.

Save time & call us! Our fully equipped pool technicians will take care of your regular pool maintenance needs so you can get you back to swimming and enjoying your pool.

Pool Maintenance Joondalup

If your pool lights are fading or the pool water is looking a little cloudy, then we are sure that we have a reliable service that can help you out.Swimming pools need constant attention and maintenance, as soon as you turn away that’s when the problems can start and it all gets out of control, quickly. Rest assured we have you covered with a tailored service to suit your budget and pool.

If it’s time to throw in the towel and call for some expert advice, then let our technicians who are pool service Perth professionals provide advice. We repair and service all the top pool brands and the team here at 1 Pool Care will give your pool equipment some well-deserved care and attention.

Read our pool cleaning pricing resource for more information.

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Pool Pump Repairs Joondalup

Pool pumps are the heartbeat of the pool and require the pool water, filtration, and sanitisation to work in unison to help maintain the overall quality of the pool. As soon as any of these processes fail, then there will be a green problem and the pool water is no longer healthy to swim in. We also have capacitors, motors, mechanical seals, and bearings to wear and possibly cause failure or annoyance, with a thousand decibels vibrating through you or your neighbour’s home once the bearings wear.

If you need a pump repair the best solution is to check whether the existing pool pump can be repaired with a cost-effective solution. If not, then we can provide a new pump to suit your pool’s equipment and size. There is an abundance of choices and brands and we offer advice on which manufacturers provide the most efficient motors and the best warranty, so you have not left the responsibility of returning it back to the manufacturer, the opposite end of Perth if a problem arises.

Pool Cleaning in Joondalup

Joondalup WA has some diverse swimming pools including residential, public, and commercial.

Although it highly recommended that our full service is provided including a vacuum. So that all pools have the attention they require to leave them looking amazing and in the best possible condition.

Most pools require a pool cleaning service to suit the location and property in which it has been installed. This means that pool servicing requires some thought and there is never ‘one pool service’ that fits all, otherwise, you will be either paying too much or sold short to the safety and requirements of your pool and equipment. This is where a quick call to the experts for some professional advice and direction on the best solution for you and the swimming pool.

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Spa Service in Joondalup

Our services also include Spas and these can sometimes be neglected in favor of their big brother, the swimming pool.

Needless to say, they are just as important to check that you are able to swim when you want. A spa has a smaller volume of water and this can soon become a bacterial hangout after a spa party or a period of time when the water quality hasn’t been maintained to the standards.

A spa cleaning can involve a full drain if a tenant has vacated a property or repairs are needed where the water cannot be isolated. We have the equipment to help you and our services will give the spa the full chemical treatment to get into all the pipework too.

Joondalup Pool Supplies

Pool lights, pool cleaners, chlorinators, filters and pump solutions are available here in Perth. With top-notch advice to suit that will not only suit your pool but your budget too.

We can supply you with entry-level or premium products with prompt installation to keep the summer times rolling on beside the pool.

So before you head out to the shops give our team a call to see if we can help.

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Pool cleaners or pool cleaning, we can supply everything you need to keep your pool looking great all year here in Joondalup.

1 Pool Care are a family-friendly pool company with the knowledge and experience to keep the good times swimming and the pool equipment operating smoothly.
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