Solar Controllers

Between running your pool pump and filtration system, costs quickly add up. 1 PoolCare understands that maintaining a pool is a significant investment with potentially high costs. Reduce your monthly energy bills with solar controllers by calling us at 0456 75 75 75.

 We offer solar controllers to divert solar energy to your pool’s equipment and allow easy operation. Whether you want a solar heated pool or the pool pump and filter to operate in conjunction with your solar power, we have controllers that enable versatile setups. Let us help you find the perfect model today.

 No matter your pool’s size or your electricity demands, our team can install a solar controller that efficiently allows you to heat your pool using solar collectors. Alternatively, a solar controller that enables you to operate your pool’s mechanical parts remotely, to save you money. Our professionals only install the highest quality solar controllers available. We offer solar controllers from Autopool, Zodiac, Pentair, and beyond. Our team also has significant expertise with top solar pool controller brands like Ascon and Aqua Light.

Astral Halo Hub and Connect 

The Astral Halo Hub and Connect devices control your pool’s equipment remotely utilising your solar energy.  It’s simple plug and play connectivity makes it effortless to maintain your pool’s solar-powered heater and pumps. You’ll also save money with solar energy.

Zodiac Aqualink

Zodiac’s AquaLink pool controllers allow you to control multiple solar devices connected to your pool system. Monitor chlorine production and other vital parameters. Your equipment will stay safe, and you’ll enjoy the convenience of remote operation.

Pool Controls

Pool Controls allows you to manage and monitor your pool settings with a few taps. Consider an all-in-one control system for your solar pool equipment, or choose modern touchscreen systems.


Pentair’s intelligent pool control software makes it simple to monitor and control advanced operations in your pool system. Use Pentair Intelliconnect to preset your pool’s temperature and other factors from your smartphone.


For the ultimate clean, consider a solar controller from Maytronics. The Maytronics Dolphin controller allows you to manage your pool’s cleaning remotely. Control all parts of your pool’s system with one handheld device.

Solar controllers don’t only control your pool’s mechanical components. You can also use solar controllers to control lighting and other display elements. At 1 PoolCare, we have versatile solutions from brands like Aqualight and Ascon Pool to manage all of your pool’s outdoor features in Perth.


Whether you need a lighting or heating solution for your pool, we have it. 1 PoolCare offers Aqualight lighting controls for solar pool lighting setups. Schedule lighting changes and pick specific colours with a convenient app to set the mood of your outdoor space.

Ascon Pool

Control your pool’s temperature year-round with Ascon Pool’s intelligent solutions. The Ascon Pool MS3D works with any solar heating system to ensure your pool is at a comfortable temperature at all times. The system compares the actual temperature to your preferred temperature and heats the water accordingly.

 1 PoolCare’s team helps you save money with energy-efficient solar controllers and pool components. If your pool contributes to your high energy costs, we can help you reduce your monthly energy bills. We offer the top brands for solar controllers for sale in Perth, and will work with you to choose what’s best for your pool.