Casual One-Off


Perfect for quickly get your pool back into shape.

Our one-off pool clean and service is perfect for when need a hand to quickly get your pool back into shape! You might have an event coming up at home or maybe you usually do have the time to do it but you just got a little busy lately? Whatever the case, we can work through it with you.

Sometimes this may mean we can pop over in
just one call-out and work our magic to have your pool looking perfect again, but this would also depend on what needs to be done, so please have a chat with us and let us know what’s going on so we can come best prepared. Please note that sometimes more than one visit may be required for specialist treatments and /or repairs.

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Our Pool Services Includes


Initial Surface Skim


Vacuum the pool, empty baskets & pool sweep bag


Brush down the pool surface


Empty pump basket


Backwash filter (scheduled)


General equipment checks for optimal operation


Check for leaks


General clean of equipment area


Complete water testing


Check chemical balance


Final pool check over & surface skim

So talk to us about a monthly servicing plan that fits your budget today on 0456 75 75 75