Green Pool

green pool

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We know that this can usually happen at the most inconvenient times, so we want to help you fix it FAST! 

A green pool usually means your pool has been affected by algae and is deemed un-swimmable! It happens when the chemicals are unbalanced, so there is most probably also a problem with your chlorine levels too.

This is where you need to rely on a licensed and certified pool operator, to get rid of the green and have your sparkle back ASAP! We have seen every shade of green pool, so don’t worry or be embarrassed, simply give us a call and we can get it sorted!

No matter how green your pool is, please speak to us before you make any costly decisions! You don’t want to get caught buying a whole bunch of products that you don’t need!  

Clients have told us in the past, that they have been given various contradictory information from different companies and stores which has ended up costing them a lot of money!

So how do we fix a green pool?

Firstly we will spend the time to correctly assess the problem. Then we will talk to you FIRST about your options and then provide you with a prompt solution that will give you a sparkling pool again in the quickest time possible.

Please note that this is not about simply throwing a bunch of chemicals in your pool, as that in itself can cost more money than you need to spend! 

We don’t muck about, as a green pool is not a joke, and must be taken very seriously in order for your family to swim safely. But rest assured, all procedures and prices will be discussed UPFRONT so there will be no surprises!

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So talk to us about a monthly servicing plan that fits your budget today on 0456 75 75 75