Do you know the safest and latest way to test your pool water?

Do you know the safest and latest way to test your pool water?

Fact is, that your pool water can look clear, even taste clean but pool water that is safe MUST be correctly chemically balanced!

I say “taste clean”, as years ago I did work alongside a guy who used to taste the pool water to see if the pH was correct. Madness I know…..

Water testing has changed rapidly in the last few years, and there are a few reasons for this.

Which led me to dig out some of my old testers to show you how basic it used to be!

In the photo we have colorimetric, titration and photometer pool water testers on all different levels.

What is the difference ? Apart from cost ??

ACCURACY is the key when you are adding chemicals to your pool! This is why we now use the latest spin touch photometer and spin discs which test all parameters including salt and phosphates. In just a few seconds we can now get an accurate and exact snap shot of your pool water quality.

It should NEVER be a guess just because the pool water “looks” clear! We cannot always never tell either what’s lurking under the surface!

Remembering that your pool water MUST be kept safe for your family to swim in because if you are not fully protected, it could lead to anything from skin issues to ear infections!

Your pool water quality is also about protecting your pool equipment and your pool fabric in the process, by not overdosing with unnecessary chemicals.

We come across so many situations where the pool has been self managed and the owner has been given poor advice, so they have just added every chemical in the shop on the basis that more is better. The pool company gets the sales but you could still be damaging your pool and making swimmers unwell!

Pool Maintenance is not only about years of experience, but also about keeping up with technology! Our clients want the peace of mind to be able to swim whenever they want in the cleanest pool water achievable and that’s my job to make sure they have it, as we are the Perth pool cleaning experts.


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