Should your pool cover be on in winter? Here’s is need to know…

Should your pool cover be on in winter? Here’s is need to know…

This is a question that we get asked a lot…. “should the pool cover be on in winter” ?

The simple answer is No but here are the reasons why…..

The pool covers the only job is to stop evaporation, especially during the hot Perth summer months and to heat up the pool water (No it’s not a debris catcher, there are covers for that) But even that can make the pool water unbearable as it gets hotter than a bath during summer and this can have a devastating effect on the pool water balance if it has been left on too long…

When the pool cover is on, the pool water is unable to breath or vent to the atmosphere and with limited exposure to UV is going to raise your Chlorine levels to a high level. Especially if you have isocyanuric acid (stabiliser) added to the water balance. 

This high level of chlorine if unchecked will rise exponentially which will damage the pool equipment and pool shell, long term. Costing you more money with expensive repairs.

This will also raise the pH, which will make calcium stick to the side walls of the pool and equipment. If you have a white band around the top of the pool shell, this is possibly due to poor water balance and high levels of chlorine.

During the summer months the pool cover should be removed after no more than 3 – 5 days on with 2 days off. If you remember, week on, weekend off is a good rule of thumb but ideally remove at night when the temperature has dropped and you will get the minimum evaporation. If you have time and inclination to do this…..

So if you haven’t checked the pool water balance for a while and the pool cover has been on, now is a good time to have the pool water checked. 

Hose down the pool cover and stow it away until the Perth weather heats up a little….

Also remember to place the UV overlay cover if the pool cover is exposed to sunlight.

If it’s time for a new pool cover and roller, we can help you with that also………..just give us a call

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