Pool Chlorinators

1 PoolCare’s pool experts are the pool chlorinators Perth experts. We will help you to keep your pool sanitary and ensure the pool water is well-balanced. We believe thorough pool maintenance is critical in extending your pool equipment’s longevity. Speak to our team at 0456 75 75 75 and learn about the importance of pool chlorination.

Pool chlorinators are a vital component of any pool system. In Australia, this equipment helps you avoid manually adding chlorine to your pool water. Instead, a mineral or saltwater pool chlorinator creates the chlorine itself during a chemical reaction in your pool chlorination system.

Browse our wide selection of chlorinators that work with sand and cartridge pool filters. We offer pool chlorinators from brands like Astral, Zodiac, Pentair, Onga, and Davey. You’ll get consistent performance and energy savings for years.

Sand Filters and Pool Chlorinators in Perth

Pool water in Perth becomes contaminated quickly. Sand filters are a popular option for keeping your pool clean. They are affordable and filter out particles down to 10 – 20 microns with the correct sand or glass media.

The pool pump and chlorinators integrate with the filtration system and work with the pool system to  trap debris. As water passes through this system, sand filters catch debris, then the chlorinated water returns to the pool.

Sand Filters work in conjunction with salt chlorinators, which use a salt cell that releases sodium hypochlorite into the pool water. The salt converts to chlorine,  by  the process of electrolysis through the salt cell, sanitising your pool without you having to do any work. Despite having a sand filter in your filtration system, chlorine does not filter out of the water.

With automatic pool chlorinators such as the Viron EQ , you don’t have to rely on a chlorinator alone. Wi-fi module technology and Apps allows you to operate pool equipment from afar. Easy controls and advanced technology means you can set it and forget it.

Cartridge Filters and Compatible Pool Chlorinators For Sale

Perth pool filtration systems also come in a cartridge style. A cartridge filter features a tank with a cartridge that has a filtration screen. As water goes through the cartridge’s filtration membrane, it filters out debris as small as 10 microns.

Like sand filters, cartridges can be connected with salt water chlorinators. The chlorination device is responsible for the killing of bacteria in your swimming pool, and the filter ensures debris and bacteria is no longer in the water. Most come with a three-year warranty.

Many chlorinators are compatible with minerals, different types of salt, and low salt solutions. An advanced control panel allows you to boost or reduce chlorine production, and it remains energy-efficient even in the winter. 


If your pool needs deep cleaning and consistent maintenance, consider pool chlorinators and filters for your pool system. 1 PoolCare has an extensive inventory.  PoolCare can help you determine the best filter type for your needs and help you find a suitable chlorination unit for ultimate sanitation. With technological advancements spreading to pool equipment, finding a system that fits your needs is challenging. We make it easy with our streamlined process and friendly pool equipment experts as our pool professionals have significant in-field experience and educational training to find a model that doesn’t exceed your budget.