Pool Cleaners

Our team at 1 PoolCare offers you a range of options for pool cleaners in Perth. We believe in helping our clients keep their pools in excellent condition, increasing the pool’s lifespan and boosting your enjoyment. You can reach out to us to discuss your options when you call 0456 75 75 75.

We have decades of experience handling pool maintenance in Perth and surrounding areas. Explore our inventory of pool equipment to find the pieces that work best to meet your unique pool cleaning needs.

We have all the best brands like Astral, Zodiac, Robotek, Dolphin, Pentair, Lincoln Waterco, Autopool & Hayward

Robotic Pool Cleaners in Perth

Robotic pool cleaners make it easy to keep your pool area in excellent condition. These automatic pool cleaners allow you to set them up and go on with your day-to-day activities, free from worries about keeping your swimming pool clean.

These cleaners utilize a mathematical algorithm that allows them to map out the shape and size of your pool. They use this information to plot out a path to clean every part of your pool, providing maximum coverage and effectiveness.

Many people enjoy robotic pool cleaners because they:

  •       Keep debris inside the unit during cleaning
  •       Operate without a connection to your pool system
  •       Collect both sunken and floating debris
  •       Reduce the need to use chemicals for pool cleaning

Many robotic pool cleaners lower your carbon footprint by providing a low-energy way to keep your pool clean and in good condition. We’re happy to discuss your cleaning options in Perth if you’re interested in a robotic pool cleaner. 

Reach out to us to discuss the kind of pool you have and your cleaning goals.  

Suction Pool Cleaners in Perth

Suction pool cleaners also serve as automatic pool cleaners. However, they do not have as much control or programming as robotic options. Additionally, they connect directly to your pool pump to generate suction power to remove debris and leaves from the pool.

Suction pool cleaners have several significant benefits for pool owners, including:

  •       Easy installation
  •       Simple steps to use
  •       Removal of debris to the skimmer basket

Unlike robotic cleaners, which often move in a pattern to cover every part of your pool methodically, suction pool cleaners move in random patterns. They do an excellent job removing debris, dead insects, and dirt, but their random nature means they may not evenly clean the pool.

We’re happy to review different makes and models if you’re interested in a suction pool cleaner product. Find out if this kind of cleaner meets your needs by reaching out to us today for assistance in Perth.

 Pressure Pool Cleaners in Perth

Pressure pool cleaners also connect to your pool system. They use water pressure generated by the pump to propel themselves around the pool and have a dedicated return line that must stay connected for them to operate correctly.

Unlike suction cleaners, pressure cleaners collect debris in an attached compartment. Therefore, you do not have to worry about extra debris collecting in your filter and pump basket, which can help reduce strain on your pool systems.

Pressure pool cleaners do very well in pools that gather a lot of debris, especially leaves, and a pool expert may recommend one for your home if you live in a wooded area. They are:

  •       Easy to set up and use
  •       Connected to your pool pump
  •       Excellent at removing significant debris

However, they do not have a robotic movement pattern, which means they may move erratically around your pool.

Pool cleaning is essential, and the choices are numerous. Find out more about all your options for pool cleaners in Perth by reaching out to 1 Pool Care by calling 0456 75 75 75.