Pool Pumps

 At 1 PoolCare in Perth, Western Australia, we stock only the best pool pumps available. No matter what your pool pump model needs, our team can help you find the best pump for your pool’s size. If you’re looking for high-quality pool pumps that help save on energy and increase your filter’s longevity, look no further. Consider pumps from brands such as Hayward, Onga, Astral, Zodiac, and Davey. Contact us today when you’re ready to discuss pool pump options by calling 0456 75 75 75.


Hayward offers energy-efficient and high-performance pool pumps. Their pumps provide quiet operation that are easy to maintain. With some of the highest-rated options, Hayward pool pumps will help you save money on cleaning costs and decrease energy bills. Perth residents and business owners looking for durable pool pump models choose Hayward for maintenance convenience and savings benefits.


With over 40 years of engineering, Onga provides quality swimming pool pumps that are corrosion-resistant. Onga brand pool pumps in Perth by Pentair deliver consistent performance and a long lifespan. They offer extremely quiet operation compared to other high-end models. No matter your pool’s size, we can help you find an Onga pool pump that delivers noticeable results. With a small pool, you may be able to use fewer pool cleaners with an Onga pump.

Astral Pool Pumps

Astral pool pumps are known for their reliable performance, high-quality materials, and quiet operation. Homeowners in the Perth area with domestic pools can turn to 1 PoolCare for quality Astral pool pumps. Our team has years of experience installing Astral pool pumps and helping clients pick suitable models for their pool’s size and cleaning demands. Learn more about Astral today.

Zodiac Pool Pumps

Perth also features Zodiac brand pool pumps if you’re looking for pool pumps for sale. These pumps are specifically designed to meet the needs of Australia’s harsh weather conditions. You’ll enjoy energy efficiency with high performance no matter the model you choose. All Zodiac pumps come with a three-year warranty. 

Davey Pool Pumps

Davey is another brand offering versatile pool pumps with customers in mind. The brand’s highly efficient models and extra quiet pool pumps built to Australian standards ensure maximum water flow.

Davey pool pumps are ideal for many applications, whether you need to heat your pool or clean it. They also serve as suitable replacements for Astral pumps and other brands. Ask 1 PoolCare about our selection of pool pumps from Davey today.