Pool Covers

At 1 Pool Care, we offer Perth residents and businesses several high-quality pool covers from many different brands. Our team wants to help solve all your evaporating water and pool contamination concerns. If you’re ready to discuss your pool cover needs, you can contact us at 0456 75 75 75.

Our team has years of experience helping you choose the right solar pool cover. Our many years of experience installing pool covers in Perth means we have the expertise to install your cover and keep your pool and family safe. Our range of solar pool covers keep water from evaporating and block UV rays. Consider one of the options from Daisy, including the 525TB Blue Solar Pool Cover, 525B Solar Pool Cover, Illusion 350 Micron Solar Pool Cover, and Thermotech Foam Insulation Cover.

Daisy Pool Covers

Daisy pool covers are Australia’s top brand for pool covers and blankets. 1 Pool Care stands by these covers’ quality, this is why we use them for and make them accessible for Perth residential and commercial pools. Each cover comes with a 10-year warranty and 1 Pool Care’s quality guarantee.

Daisy’s covers are ideal for year-round protection and come in a huge range of colours and sizes designed to fit many different pool sizes. They all come equipped with unique properties to withstand Australia’s harsh weather conditions because of the trademarked bubble design that will maintain the water’s temperature and volume perfectly.

 Consider getting a pool roller device to make protecting your pool fast and easy.

525TB Blue Solar Pool Cover

The 525TB Blue Solar Pool Cover is one of the most popular Daisy pool covers for its excellent heating and water retention capabilities. It comes in several colours and features and is easy to use in conjunction with a Daisy stationery, mobile or electric roller. This pool cover is ideal for all modern outdoor pools. This UltraDome+ solar pool cover allows sunlight  to raise the water’s temperature without excessive water evaporation. Its increased thickness from previous models can warm your pool up to 8ºC. Additionally, enjoy up to 97% evaporation prevention.

525B Solar Pool Cover

The 525B Solar Pool Cover from Daisy is the original 525 Ultradome+ swimming pool cover. Perth residents and commercial businesses choose this model for: Excellent pool cover longevity,  advanced sunlight protection and Double insulation layers. Consider this model if you’re looking to minimise chemical use but still keep your pool protected from insects, leaves, etc. When you need an affordable yet long-lasting option, the original 525B is a wise choice.

350 Micron Illusion Solar Pool Cover

Some homeowners select their pool cover colour to match their outdoor aesthetic. If you have pool lights or other elements you want visible, consider a clear option. The Daisy 350I Illusion Solar Pool Cover is ideal for those who want a natural, transparent pool cover that allows them to see the water. This quality pool cover provides up to 97% water evaporation prevention and heats your pool so you can save money on energy costs.

ThermoTech Foam Insulation Cover Blue

In addition to Daisy pool covers for sale in Perth, 1 PoolCare also offer pool covers from Daisy’s partner range, ThermoTech. A foam pool blanket offers excellent insulation capabilities and helps you save big on pool heating, but it doesn’t withstand Australia’s heat as well as the Ultradome+ material.

 The ThermoTech Foam Insulation Cover is ideal for pools under constant shade or indoors. Due to its insulating properties, it’s the best option for those who want consistently warm water. Whether you’re enjoying Australia’s winter temperatures outdoors or swimming laps in your indoor pool, a ThermoTech foam cover offers ample protection, reduces evaporation, and more.